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10 Top Advices To Build Self Belief. Core Coaching Tips

A few methods and techniques for developing self-confidence.

"Nobody can make you feel inferior without your consent"

Eleanor Roosevelt

These are a few 'self-help' methods for you to start your journey of building self-confidence.

1. Everyone is good at something so, each day, identify a different thing you're proficient at and morning and evening, spend time concentrating on it and saying out loud, "I'm good at ...". It doesn't need to be major - maybe something like baking a cake, helping your pals, DIY, finding discounts, collecting stamps. At the end of each day add it to a list, observe as the list grows and be proud of these things.

I had attempted a project that I was beginning to feel was beyond my personal resources to accomplish. I had asked a friend and colleague if I might arrange a workshop in the New England region that he would teach.

2. Never fear failure! Successful people fail more often than an average joe as they take more risks, they're prepared to fail and so they LEARN from their failures - that's what they're for. Each failure is a step closer to success.

Consider a professional sportsman who fails to win the race. Does s/he withdraw from athletics feeling lousy? I don't think so; they acknowledge what they did right, identify what was incorrect, discover a better way to do it, and rehearse until they improve.

3. Initially when goal setting, only set goals you know you will be able to accomplish, rather than setting yourself up to fail. This helps your self-esteem. Later you could start to challenge yourself with more ambitious goals.

4. Recognize that none succeeds at everything they do. The 'expert' skier might be unable to write a poem, the perfect cook may not be able to use a computer.

5. Even the most confident people have something they're not sure about. They're not the best; don't create tension for yourself by believing you have to be.

6. Understand that lacking in confidence is a state of mind. In this state you grow to be a self-confessed victim and this changes your behaviour. Other people don't see you as a failure until your behavior tells them you are.

7. Dramatic changes hardly ever happen. Often it's the little changes on a daily basis which matter. If you grow even a little each day, you'll be amazed at the end of a year how far you've come. So keep a diary/record of where you began so that you can see the differences at the end of the year. Ensure your daily habits and attitudes count, and congratulate yourself on your achievements.

8. Don't be around people that make you feel bad about yourself. Their negative thoughts is THEIR problem and has nothing related to you! Most likely they put you down to make themselves feel better about their low self-esteem. Try to find people who boost you and understand you.

9. Don't try to make it happen all on your own. Even if you could make some progress it will be much quicker if you seek some support from a mentor or undertake some confidence coaching.

10. Stop being hard on yourself!

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